King School depaving comes to fruition!


After years of quiet grumbling by parents about the school being girded in asphalt, approximately 6.5 tons of the material came up in about an hour thanks to enthusiastic volunteers and meticulous pre-cutting.  Following the depave, the depleted soil underneath was removed by excavator.  That soil was replaced with a new soil and compost blend and made ready for the planting.  The new greenery was carefully selected to be all native plants that will thrive in our climate, be non-invasive and require minimal maintenance and should not need watering after they become established.

King School planting plan

Thanks go to neighbor Diego Gioseffi who wrote the grant application, got it approved and arranged all of the work parties and contracted with the companies for the heavy work.  This project follows up on his previous success of installing the bioswale in the King Neighborhood Facility parking lot.  Once a huge puddle all winter, the lot now collects and filters all of its own runoff and new plantings have beautified the lot and are thriving.  Thanks also go to East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District which provided the grant and to Depave for organizing the asphalt removal party.  Don’t miss the planting party scheduled for Saturday, October 18th from 10 am to 1 pm.  The King School calendar is at

New PTA Leadership

Two new board member positions added for 2013-2014

The results of this week’s PTA election has created the largest, most diverse PTA leadership in our known history.  An additional vice president position was created and the treasurer’s duties will be shared by co-treasurers.  Kenny Butler will return again to the role of President after two years as vice president.  Yolanda Coleman, King’s Positive Behavior Coach and Rafaela Hernandez a leader among the Latino parent group are the vice presidents.  Alesha Steward is staying on for a second year as secretary.  Our new co-treasurers are middle school math teacher and International Baccalaureate Coordinator, Io Eltagonde and second grade parent Sally Sparks.  Our new officers take office in August.

Good work PTA!

King PTA Elections coming soon–It’s your turn!

Traducción al español por debajo del Inglés

Hello all:

It may seem far away now, but our PTA election on May 9th is approaching fast. There have been a lot of changes at King and the PTA is changing too—will you be a part of that change? As president, I am coming to the end of my second term and must step down. New blood will bring new perspectives and skills to the leadership of the PTA. We want you to consider who you want to nominate as candidates for PTA leadership (including yourself). Those of us who have been involved for years are here to support, advise, and train those who will come in our place. Hopefully we will have multiple candidates for each office and the candidates will represent the full diversity of our school.

Who is the PTA: It is a common misperception that the PTA is the “parent group” of the school. Although the word parent comes first in the name, the purpose of the organization is to bring teachers, parents, and community together to join forces for our children.

PTA Vision

  • Making every child’s potential a reality

PTA Mission

  • A powerful voice for all children,
  • A relevant resource for families and communities, and
  • A strong advocate for the education and well-being of every child

PTA Values

  • Collaboration: We work in partnership with a wide array of individuals and organizations to accomplish our agreed-upon goals.
  • Commitment: We are dedicated to promoting children’s health, well-being, and educational success through strong parent, family, and community involvement.
  • Accountability: We acknowledge our obligations. We deliver on our promises.
  • Respect: We value our colleagues and ourselves. We expect the same high quality effort and thought from ourselves as we do from others.
  • Inclusivity: We invite the stranger and welcome the newcomer. We value and seek input from as wide a spectrum of viewpoints and experiences as possible.
  • Integrity: We act consistently with our beliefs. When we err, we acknowledge the mistake and seek to make amends.

Duties of Local PTA Officers

condensed from the Oregon PTA Officers’ Handbook:

The president is elected by the local unit members to direct the affairs of the association in cooperation with the other members of the executive committee/board. According to generally accepted parliamentary practice and Oregon PTA Bylaws, only one person may be elected to serve in the office of president.
If the membership feels the need for additional officers, it should establish additional positions of vice presidents or chairs. A vice-president serves in place of the president when called upon, holds a recognized office with delegated responsibilities, and has the privilege of voting. PTA leadership means helping the members reach the goals they have set for themselves. By channeling information received from Oregon and National PTA, the president ensures the membership is well informed and clearly focused on the PTA mission. But the president’s most important duty is to build an effective PTA team, one that can get things done.

According to King School PTA standing rules, a candidate for President must have attended two PTA meetings in the year of their election to be eligible.

The vice-president, who may be called upon at any time to temporarily assume the place of the president, should make a thorough study of the president’s duties and responsibilities, and be familiar with the work of the association. The vice-president does the following:
• Presides at meetings in the absence of the president or upon the inability of the president to serve.
• Assumes the duties of the president in the event of the president’s resignation until the position is filled in accordance with the bylaws.
• Acts as an aide to the president and assumes responsibility for duties assigned by the president.
• Performs any other specific duties that may be provided for in the bylaws or standing rules.
• Represents the president upon request.

The secretary is responsible for keeping accurate records of the proceedings of the association. The secretary does the following:
• Maintains an accurate record of PTA memberships as received from the membership chair or committee.
• Records all business transacted in each meeting of the association as well as meetings of the executive committee/board and presents the minutes for approval at the next meeting of that same body.
• Has on hard for reference at each meeting a copy of the local bylaws and standing rules; the agenda; the minutes of previous meetings, including treasurer’s reports; a list of committees, including names of members of committees; and a list of the membership.
• In consultation with, and at the request of the president, may prepare in advance of each meeting a complete agenda, showing the order in business should come before the group.

The treasurer, as the authorized custodian of the funds of the association, received and distributes all money as prescribed in the bylaws and standing rules and as authorized by action of the association. The treasurer works cooperatively with all officers and chairs to ensure money is counted, deposited immediately, and appropriate accounting is completed. The standing rules require the treasurer present a written financial statement at each meeting of the association.

The elected offices of the PTA are just the start. There are many other ways to serve and the PTA can create additional officer positions but these four are mandatory.

If you have a nomination to make, you can email it to or just be in attendance at our May 9th meeting and election.

Trace Salmon
President, King School PTA

Hola a todos:

Puede parecer muy lejos ahora, pero nuestra elección PTA el 9 de mayo se acerca rápidamente. Ha habido un montón de cambios en el King y el PTA está cambiando demasiado-le ser parte de ese cambio? Como Presidente, estoy llegando al final de mi segundo mandato y debe dimitir. Sangre nueva traerá nuevas perspectivas y habilidades para el liderazgo de la PTA. Queremos que usted considere que quiere nominar como candidatos para el liderazgo PTA (incluido usted). Aquellos de nosotros que hemos estado involucrados desde hace años estamos aquí para apoyar, asesorar y capacitar a los que vendrán en nuestro lugar. Esperamos tener múltiples candidatos para cada puesto y los candidatos representan toda la diversidad de nuestra escuela.

¿Quién es el PTA: Se trata de un error de percepción común de que la PTA es el ” grupo de padres” de la escuela. Aunque la palabra padre es lo primero en el nombre, el propósito de la organización es llevar a los maestros, padres y la comunidad para unir fuerzas para nuestros hijos.

PTA Visión
• Hacer que el potencial de cada niño en una realidad

PTA Misión
• Una voz poderosa para todos los niños,
• Un recurso importante para las familias y las comunidades, y
• Un fuerte defensor de la educación y el bienestar de todos los niños

PTA Valores
• Colaboración: Trabajamos en colaboración con una amplia gama de individuos y organizaciones para lograr nuestras metas acordadas.
• Compromiso: Somos una empresa dedicada a la promoción de la salud infantil, el bienestar y el éxito educativo a través padre fuerte, la familia y la participación comunitaria.
• Responsabilidad: Somos conscientes de nuestras obligaciones. Cumplimos nuestras promesas.
• Respeto: Valoramos a nuestros colegas ya nosotros mismos. Esperamos que el esfuerzo mismo de alta calidad y el pensamiento de nosotros mismos como lo hacemos los demás.
• Inclusión: Invitamos al forastero, y el recién llegado. Valoramos y recabar contribuciones de la más amplia gama de puntos de vista y experiencias como sea posible.
• Integridad: actuar de manera consistente con nuestras creencias. Cuando nos equivocamos, podemos reconocer el error y tratar de hacer las paces.

Deberes de los funcionarios locales de la PTA

condensada del Manual de Oficiales de Oregon PTA:

El presidente es elegido por los miembros de la unidad local para dirigir los asuntos de la asociación en cooperación con los demás miembros del Comité Ejecutivo / Consejo. De acuerdo con la práctica generalmente aceptada parlamentaria y los Estatutos de Oregon PTA, sólo una persona puede ser elegida para servir en el cargo de presidente.
Si el número de miembros se siente la necesidad de más funcionarios, se debe establecer puestos adicionales de los vicepresidentes o sillas. Un vice-presidente sirve en lugar del presidente cuando se le solicite, tiene una oficina reconocida con responsabilidades delegadas, y tiene el privilegio de votar. PTA liderazgo significa ayudar a los miembros a alcanzar las metas que se han fijado para sí mismos. Al canalizar la información recibida de Oregon y la PTA Nacional, el presidente asegura que el número de miembros está bien informado y enfocado claramente en la misión de la PTA. Pero el deber más importante del presidente es la construcción de un eficaz equipo de PTA, que puede hacer las cosas.

Según King normas sobre legitimación Escuela de la PTA, un candidato a la presidencia debe haber asistido a dos reuniones de la PTA en el año de su elección para ser elegible.

El vice-presidente, que puede ser llamado en cualquier momento para asumir temporalmente el lugar del presidente, debería hacer un estudio a fondo de las funciones del presidente y responsabilidades, y estar familiarizado con el trabajo de la asociación. El vice-presidente hace lo siguiente:
• Presidir las reuniones en ausencia del presidente o sobre la incapacidad del presidente para servir.
• Asume las funciones del presidente en caso de renuncia del presidente hasta que la posición sea llenada de acuerdo con los estatutos.
• Actúa como asesor del presidente y asume la responsabilidad de las funciones asignadas por el presidente.
• Realiza otras funciones específicas que pueden ser previstas en los estatutos o reglas permanentes.
• Representa al presidente a petición.

El secretario es responsable de mantener un registro exacto de las actas de la asociación. El secretario hace lo siguiente:
• Mantiene un registro exacto de miembros en el PTA como recibidos de la silla de miembro o comité.
• Registra todos los asuntos tratados en cada reunión de la asociación, así como las reuniones del Comité Ejecutivo / Consejo y presenta las actas para su aprobación en la próxima reunión de ese mismo cuerpo.
• Tiene en duro para referencia en cada reunión una copia de los estatutos y normas locales permanentes, la agenda, las actas de las reuniones anteriores, incluidos los informes del tesorero, una lista de los comités, incluidos los nombres de los miembros de los comités, y una lista de los miembros .
• En consulta con, y, a petición del presidente, podrá preparar con antelación a cada reunión un orden del día completo, que muestra el orden en el negocio debe presentarse ante el grupo.

El tesorero, como custodio autorizado de los fondos de la asociación, recibidas y distribuye todo el dinero según lo estipulado en los estatutos y reglas permanentes y según lo autorizado por la acción de la asociación. El tesorero trabaja en cooperación con todos los agentes y sillas para asegurar que el dinero se cuenta, depositar de inmediato y contable apropiado completado. Las reglas permanentes requieren el tesorero presentar una declaración por escrito financiera en cada reunión de la asociación.

Los cargos electos de la PTA son sólo el comienzo. Hay muchas otras maneras de servir y el PTA puede crear nuevos puestos de oficial pero estas cuatro son obligatorios.

Si usted tiene una nominación a hacer, puede enviarlo por correo electrónico a o simplemente estar presente en nuestro May 9 ª reunión y elección.

Trace Salmon
Presidente, King School PTA

Buy your King Dinner Theater tickets today!

large_69959a06-7c0a-4d60-b2c0-ebd2f2b30c6cOur first annual King Dinner Theater is just one of the many events at King that demonstrate the progress of our program and give parents and community an opportunity to support it at the same time. See the fruits of the students’ hard work in a relaxing atmosphere and keep a good thing going! Buy your tickets online: or in the school office–the sooner the better so we can anticipate the catering needs. We hope to see you all there!

February Meeting Agenda

King PTA
Meeting Agenda
02-14-2013, 5:30-7:00pm
Before Meeting:
• Pick up of children from SUN—parents to take them to PTA childcare in Pre-K
• Sign in
• Review meeting agenda, minutes
• Sign up for volunteers for Papa Murphy’s fundraiser
• Dinner for attendees
Approval of Agenda, Minutes
Standing Reports:
• Treasurer’s Report
• Site Council Report
• Principal’s Report
New Business:
• Discussion of Superintendent’s latest proposal and prospects for enrollment boundary changes and transfer policy changes.
• Consideration of Jefferson Cluster Enrollment Balancing community counter-proposal (voting item)
• Outreach to bring in parents
• Nominating Committee formation, identification of candidates for PTA offices
• Long term funding plan—form committee to explore options, foundation?
Old Business:
• Auction Update
• Teacher Grant request: $90.00 for Audubon bird program for prekindergarten classes (voting item)
• Preparation of garden for spring, hire of garden coordinator?

No School, Monday Feb 18th, Wednesday, Feb 20th

Upcoming Events: check the school website, PTA website, or online calendar at

King PTA
Agenda de la Reunión
14/02/2013, 5:30-7:00 pm
Antes de la reunión:
• Recogida de los niños desde el amanecer padres para llevarlos a la guardería PTA en Pre-K
• Inscríbase en
• Agenda reunión de revisión, minutos
• Inscríbase para recibir voluntarios para recaudar fondos Papa Murphy
• Cena para los participantes
Aprobación del orden del día, actas
Informes permanentes:
• Informe del Tesorero
• Consejo Local Informe
• El director del Informe
Nuevo Negocio:
• Discusión de la última propuesta del Superintendente y las perspectivas de cambios en los límites de inscripción y cambios de la transferencia de políticas.
• Consideración de Cluster Jefferson comunidad inscripción Equilibrio contra-propuesta (artículo voto)
• Alcance a atraer a los padres
• Formación de Comité de Nominaciones, la identificación de candidatos para las oficinas de la PTA
• A largo plazo plan de financiación–Formar comité para explorar opciones, fundación?
Asuntos pendientes:
• Subasta de actualización
• Profesor Subvención solicitada: $ 90.00 por ave programa Audubon para las clases de pre-kindergarten (tema electoral)
• Preparación del jardín para la primavera, el alquiler de coordinador jardín?

No hay clases, el lunes 18 de febrero, Miércoles, 20 de febrero
Próximos eventos: consultar la web escolar, la página web del PTA o un calendario online en

Connect to Kindergarten at King

20121024_115416 (2)3King School is growing and you will want to grow with us!  Do have child who will be an incoming kindergartener (5 years in September) or an incoming Pre-kindergartener (4 in September)?  We will have our annual winter open house for incoming or prospective parents on Friday, March 1st at 10:00 am.  Learn about our integrated arts and International Baccalaureate programs.  King school has the best academic achievement in the area and more enrichments like Spanish, art, dance, drama.  We are currently negotiating partnerships with a Portland State University Fine Arts Program and a renown local jazz band instructor.  Get all the details and tour the school on March 1st or simply call and set up a time to visit when it fits your schedule.  We look forward to seeing you.

The King School office can be reached at: 503-916-6456 or


January Meeting Agenda

01-10-2013, 5:30-7:00pm

Old Business Asuntos pendientes:

5:30: Auction Committee formation, Auction Planning—Michelle Hodges
formación Subasta Comité, Subasta de Planificación-Michelle Hodges

Standing Reports Informes permanentes :

6:15: Principal’s Report and discussion of status of Enrollment Balancing process
Reporte de la Directora y la discusión de la situación del proceso de inscripción de equilibrio

6:30: Site Council Report
Consejo Local Informe

6:40: Treasurer’s Report
Informe del Tesorero

New Business Nuevo Negocio :

6:45 Fundraising for theater productions and program—Jennie Brown
recaudación de fondos para obras de teatro y programas— Jennie Brown

7:00 end

December King PTA News

141_4116_r1It has been another frenetic month as usual here at King. Here’s just a few of the details from this month’s meeting:

Enrollment Balancing
Last week, Principal Patterson and Io Eltagonde presented a plan by King School staff to Enrollment and Transfer Director, Judy Brennan to achieve a sustainable student population for King School. This plan proposes changing King’s boundary to include the entire King Neighborhood boundary (part of which now feeds to Sabin) and to gain part of the former Humboldt School area furthest from Boise-Eliot. An alternative plan is to close Sabin school and divide its enrollment area between the two other International Baccalaureate schools, King and Vernon, and to have Sabin be the permanent home for the ACCESS program for gifted students which currently shares space there. This was also discussed at Site Council last week.

Latino parents expressed their concerns that PPS has been separating Spanish-speaking and English-speaking parents in their outreach on this issue and that weakens the voices of parents by keeping them divided. The PTA overall expressed the sentiment that parent perspectives and concerns can only represent the individual parents that express them, and that the district is misguided in habitually looking at the public as monolithic socio-economic and racial groups. There was agreement that parents all have very similar needs educationally and that education should be delivered equitably without regard to race or income. Therefore, parents want the district to not reorganize schools along demographic lines.

Budget/Teacher Grants
The King PTA budget was amended to fix an accounting error and to move more money into the teacher grant account to fund more projects. As a result, the budget for grants to teachers and staff was increased by $1300 to $6300 for the year.
Following adoption of the amended budget, the PTA agreed to fund all five grant requests that have been received. They are:

  • $2000 for portable, durable video cameras for digital media production, social science and art projects.
  • $1382.90 for an online literacy program that rewards reading in and out of school and engages students and their parents in reading while allowing tracking of comprehension and progress toward reading goals.
  • $1085.96 for “wiggle seats” to provide all first and second graders with a means to move while keeping focused on learning in the classroom. Research has shown these to have a positive effect especially with students with attention deficits.
  • $100 for interactive classroom supplies in the ESL classroom.
  • $150 for food costs in the three kindergarten classes for cooking projects throughout the year.

ACCESS Academy
Anna Kulgren, parent and Kristen Sheeran, PTA President of the ACCESS Academy attended our PTA meeting. They were on hand to answer King parents’ questions about what ACCESS is and to get a sense of our community’s opinion of the school district’s proposals to co-locate ACCESS in the King building. They said that ACCESS is being explicitly made an option to all qualifying families and that since this change was implemented, the diversity of the program is increasing rapidly. They feel that ACCESS, if moved to King, would be a benefit for both programs. Discussion was cut short due to the performance of “Armannie” immediately following PTA.

SMART Event at King Celebrates Giving 2 Million Books to Oregon Children

smart2MFrom SMART:

Start Making A Reader Today, SMART, is celebrating putting 2 million books in the hands of more than 152,000 children who need them most across Oregon.

SMART has operated in the Portland metro area since 1992; in that time, more than 2,000 SMART volunteers have given away nearly 475,000 books to 46,971 children.

SMART is holding a special event to celebrate this milestone on Wednesday, Dec. 5, from 1:30-2:30 p.m. at King Elementary School, 4906 NE 6th Ave., Portland, Ore.

At the event, small groups of policy makers, educators and donors will experience the SMART program firsthand by reading with SMART students, and participate in giving a book to a child. In addition, there will be remarks from SMART’s executive director, Chris Otis, and King principal, Kim Patterson.

The event is part of a statewide campaign, 2 Million and Still Reading, which brings attention to the importance of access to books in the home in a child’s literacy development.

For more information about the event, visit or call 971-634-1605.

About SMART®
SMART, Start Making A Reader Today, is a statewide nonprofit organization that envisions an Oregon where every child can read and is empowered to succeed. We partner with schools around the state and engage community volunteers to read one-on-one with PreK through third-grade children, helping strengthen literacy skills and encourage a love of reading. Since 1992, SMART has steadily grown to become Oregon’s largest volunteer literacy program. Children in the program receive 14 new books throughout the school year to keep and read with their families. Visit or call 877-598-4633 to learn more about SMART.

Enrollment Balancing, Backpack Benefit, Auction Planning: PTA Update–Week of November 13th

Hello All!

A busy week this is!

Tonight, Tuesday November 13th, is the Cross-Cluster Enrollment Balancing meeting at Jefferson High School Middle College. This is the first opportunity for parents from all schools in the Jefferson Cluster to meet and discuss the issues and how we work together for the betterment of ALL of our schools. 5:30-8:00pm. Some parents are meeting early at 5:00 outside to talk before the meeting—join us!

Cross-cluster Meeting Agenda
Jefferson Enrollment Balancing Information Packet
Feedback Form

Tomorrow, Wednesday, November 14th, is Noho’s Hawaiian Cafe Benefit for the Northeast Portland Backpack Lunch Program. The cafe is located on Fremont Street at 46th Avenue Northeast and is open from 11 am to 9 pm. Come for lunch or dinner and 20% of your meal’s cost will benefit our weekend food program for kids at risk of hunger on Saturdays and Sundays when their school lunch program isn’t available. We hope you can come!

NoHo’s Benefit Flyer

Thursday, November 15th, is the first King School Auction Committee meeting of the year. We are meeting at the school in the parent room at 5:00pm. If you would like to join or help in any way, either come on Thursday or email us!

Friday, November 16th is our weekly Parent Coffee at 8:40 am in the PTA office/Parent Room. Want to know what’s going on? How to get involved? Or, just meet and socialize with other parents—come on in, even if you only have a few minutes.

Also: Support King’s art program! This is a way to raise funds for creating a ceramics program in the broader art department curriculum. Only $798.90 to go! Click on the link to donate toward the purchase of materials:

Keep up to date by checking the King School calendar at:

King PTA Update–End of October

Hello everyone!

It has been a busy month for King School as usual:

Enrollment Balancing/School Closure?

I hope you all were there at one of our meetings with PPS on last Friday or this Tuesday. PPS Enrollment Director, Judy Brennan and Executive Director of School & Operations Support, Harriet Adair, came and explained the process by which PPS hopes to change our N/NE schools so that each has at least 450-500 students. King, being far below this target, is a possible candidate for closure or consolidation with another school as Humboldt was with Boise-Eliot. Parents spoke in support of our school and of continuing our positive progress. Many parents want the boundary to be enlarged for King to meet the district’s enrollment target. Thanks to Senator Chip Shields and PPS School Board Director Greg Belisle for attending as well as supporters from Beach and Chief Joseph. The news coverage is here for Friday’s meeting and here for Tuesday’s meeting.

The PTA has held two smaller gatherings at homes without PPS to discuss our options. We will hold two more:
• Sunday, October 28th, at 4:00 pm at the home of Nick and Karen: 5255 NE Mallory Avenue. RSVP to kwerstein at or 503-381-1670.
• Monday, October 29th, at 6:00 pm at the home of the Hodges: 817 NE Prescott St. RSVP to mrshodges275 at or 303-638-2337
Spanish interpretation will be provided on request.

The presentation by PPS is available on their website at: There is a facebook group of parents among all the schools in North and Northeast Portland that are affected where we can discuss all of the information and the options at: There will be cross-cluster forum on November 13th for parents from all of the schools to come together to discuss what needs to be done collaboratively. Time and location are to be announced. We will keep you posted. PPS will release their proposed changes during the week of Thanksgiving. Information will be posted on the PPS, King School, and King PTA websites and on our King PTA Facebook group at: Our best chance at staying open and with stable enrollment is for everyone to stay engaged.


Our second-annual King auction committee will hold its first meeting soon. If you can help a little or a lot, drop us a line at We have a budget of $8000 this year to put on the event so help us plan the party of the year—it’s for the kids!

Teacher Grant Program

Also in the adopted budget was $5000 for grants available for classroom projects that help meet the educational goals of the school. We already granted $500 for iPad software in September so we have $4500 left. An application form will be drawn up and distributed to the staff.

Upcoming Events

• Friday, Oct. 26th, 9:00 am—King PTA coffee chat in the parent room
• Friday, Oct.r 26th, 2:20 pm—School assembly
• Sunday, Oct. 28th, at 4:00 pm—Enrollment Balancing House Meeting #3
• Monday, Oct. 29th, at 6:00 pm—Enrollment Balancing House Meeting #4
• Friday Nov. 2nd, 9:00 am—Coffee with the Principal
• Wednesday, Nov. 7th, 8:40 am—Umpqua Bank Learn to Earn program returns to accept student deposits
• Thursday, November 8th, 5:00 pm—King PTA meeting
• Friday Nov. 9th, Monday Nov. 12th, No School
• Tuesday Nov. 13th, PPS-sponsored Cross Cluster Enrollment Balancing Forum (time and place to be announced)

As always, our calendar is at:

King PTA October Update

Here’s the PTA update:

Enrollment Balancing/School and Boundary Changes

We had a packed house at the enrollment balancing discussion held last Friday at Trace and Julie’s house. We agreed to formulate a coherent vision for what King School needs. We will use data to justify our arguments and our position will be based on our common principles. The summary of this meeting and the date for the next meeting will be announced soon. Stay tuned! The PPS sponsored meetings at King will occur on October 19th at 9:15 in the morning and on October 23rd at 6:00pm. Watch the calendar at:

Budget for 2012-2013

Do you have ideas for the PTA budget? Stop by the coffee chat tomorrow and let us have your ideas. We hope to have the draft budget finalized and ready for adoption at next week’s PTA meeting. Let’s put our money where it will do the most good.

Portland Council Clothing Closet Volunteer Day—FAIL!

Sad news—our first day this year to send volunteers to the clothing closet did not go well. We were asked to send 5-6 volunteers and recruited 4. Three of those had to bow out at the last minute due to emergencies and the other two schools assigned that day sent no one! Kudos to Galen Swain who saved the day despite having to attend to her preschooler as well! In order to avoid another unfortunate situation, we will need to get at least six volunteers for our next assigned day, April 11th and I would hope to have a list of alternates as well. Save the date!

Clothes Drive for clothing center

You may have noticed our clothing drive barrel at the school entrance. We are also collecting at Umpqua Bank on Alberta now and Whole Foods on Fremont soon. The PTA Clothing Center is very low on the following needs: gently used boys and girls jeans size 4-12, warm coats, gloves, and scarves, new socks and underwear/boxers. Please make sure that used donations are washed as the PTA center does not have laundry facilities.

Auction Committee update

We have a few well organized volunteers for this year’s auction committee. We will need a few more to get the ball rolling and to divvy up responsibilities. Once the committee is organized and meeting, the time and place of the auction will need to be nailed down soon. Don’t be afraid to volunteer—give as little or as much time as you are able. There are needs from administration to envelope stuffing to soliciting donations. Email us and we will put you in touch.

Chinook Book Fundraiser

We have Chinook Books! Our first year selling Chinook Books was last year and it was not well promoted. This year, we do not have a volunteer to run this fundraiser. If you would like to learn more about how we can maximize this opportunity for us, email us at If you would like to buy one, they are $20 for the print version and $15 for the smartphone app version. Learn how the app works here: If you would like to coordinate this and help get the word out or make a flyer or order form, let us know.

Portland Fruit Tree Project

The Portland Fruit Tree project harvests fruit from trees throughout Portland and distributes it to those in need so that it doesn’t go to waste. They would like to partner with King School and need volunteers at King to pick up donations of fruit and to distribute it once a week to parents and students who can use it. If you would like to be on call to pick up donations and/or staff a table in the hallway once a week for about 30 minutes to bag and distribute it, please contact the PTA to learn more.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is already upon us. Next Wednesday from 5:00-6:30. We will adopt the budget, nominate parent representatives to Site Council, and hear from the School and Arts Together initiative campaign: . If you have suggestions for the agenda, send them along.

PPS Releases Enrollment Balancing Meeting Schedule

Here are the dates for individual school meetings regarding enrollment balancing/boundary changes/closures. They are listed alphabetically by school, not chronologically. The King PTA recommends that parents from each school attend meetings at other schools as well as their own to assure that information is distributed equitably by the district and that all parents are forming their opinions on complete and accurate data.

Beach PK-8
1710 N. Humboldt St. (97217)
Oct. 10, 6-7:30 pm, Auditorium
Oct. 16, 6-7:30 pm, ESL Family Night, Auditorium

Boise-Eliot-Humboldt PK-8
620 N. Fremont St. (97227)
Oct. 5, 8:45-10 am, Library

Chief Joseph PK-5
2409 N. Saratoga St. (97217)
Oct. 17, 6:30-8 pm, Library

Faubion PK-8
3039 NE Portland Blvd. (97211)
Oct. 15, 8:45-10:30 am, Cafeteria
Oct 27, 12-2 pm Cafeteria

King PK-8
4906 NE 6th Ave. (97211)
Oct. 19, Principal’s Coffee, 9:15-11, Media Center
Oct. 23, 6-7:30 pm, Media Center

Ockley Green K-8
6031 N. Montana Ave. (97217)
Oct. 15, 5:40-6:40 pm, Auditorium

Vernon PK-8
2044 NE Killingsworth St. (97211)
October 11, 6-7:30 pm, Multi-purpose room

Woodlawn PK-8
7200 NE 11th Ave. (97211)
October 8, 6:30-8 pm, Auditorium

Enrollment Balancing–What is it?

• Save our School
• Make it Last
• What do we want for King?

Meet with other King Parents and community members to learn about and discuss the pending changes to school boundaries, programs, and school closures coming to North and Northeast Portland.
King School must grow to an attendance boundary that can bring us at least 450 students to keep the school open.
King could change back to K-5 or stay K-8. King may merge with another school.
Currently, King is in the Grant HS attendance area. If we merge with another school or close, this could change.

When: Friday, September 28th, 6:00pm
Where: Trace and Julie’s house—4807 NE 10th Avenue

Spanish interpretation will be provided
So that we can prepare, we encourage you to tell us if you are coming:, 503-460-2756

Inscripción equilibrio–¿Qué es?
• Ahorro de nuestra Escuela
• Hacer que dure
• ¿Qué queremos para el rey?

Reunirse con los padres de familia King y miembros de la comunidad para conocer y discutir los cambios pendientes en los límites escolares, los programas y el cierre de escuelas próximas al Norte y Noreste de Portland.
King School debe crecer a un área de asistencia que nos puede traer por lo menos 450 estudiantes para mantener la escuela abierta.
King podría cambiar de nuevo a K-5 o permanecer K-8. King puede fusionarse con otra escuela.
En la actualidad, King está en el área de asistencia de Grant HS. Si nos fusionamos con otra escuela o cercano, esto podría cambiar.

Cuándo: Viernes, 28 de septiembre, 18:00
Dónde: Joseph y Julie casa-4807 NE 10th Avenue

Interpretación españoles será proporcionado
Para que podamos preparar, te animamos a que nos diga si va a venir:, 503-460-2756

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